Sod Installation

Increase your curb appeal with sod installation

Sod installation is used for immediate results in new and existing landscapes. Whether you are changing grass types, have new construction, or your lawn needs patching, installing new sod is the quickest way to have a lush yard. We have the experience and know-how to install sod properly and ensure the roots are able to become established quickly. Before work begins, an on-site evaluation is performed to take measurements, choose the correct grass type, and diagnose any landscape issues that might cause short and long-term problems. If any corrections need to be made, we will recommend solutions before any grass is planted in the yard.

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Why Choose Green Side Up For Your Sod Installation Needs?

Beyond the visual benefits sod installation brings to your yard, there are also environmental benefits to consider

There are countless benefits to adding new sod to your residential or commercial property. We’ve listed a few of the benefits below. 

Cools and Cleans The Air

Absorbs Global Warming Gases

Increased Oxygen In The Air

Traps Dirt and Dust