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hydro-seedingHydroseeding can make your yard amazing.

Unlike conventional broadcast seeding methods, modern hydroseeding (or hydromulching) combines both the seed and the mulch that will protect that seed during its critical germination and early growth periods. As mentioned above, it can also include fertilizer to augment the growth of that grass. This combination of ingredients is called a "slurry", and it's the specific ingredients and amounts included in the slurry that will dictate the success of a particular seeding project. This is, of course, the primary strength of hydroseeding, in that any number of combinations of seed, fertilizer, mulch, dye and other ingredients can be utilized to yield the best results for a particular project, terrain, climate, budget, etc. It is this versatility, combined with its overall effectiveness and, perhaps more importantly, it's cost-effectiveness, that has created the high demand that hydroseeding enjoys today.

Beyond the visual benefits of hydroseeding, there are also other benefits to consider.

When someone asks about the advantages of hydroseeding, it's difficult to know where to begin, because there are so many of them. Overall effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, reliabiity, compatibility, and flexibility are just some of the things that give hydroseeding the nod when it comes to methods of choice for seeding.

sod installationSod is a quick way to increase your curb appeal.

Sod installation is used for immediate results in new and existing landscapes. Whether you are changing grass types, have new construction, or your lawn needs patching, installing new sod is the quickest way to have a lush yard. We have the experience and know-how to install sod properly and ensure the roots are able to become established quickly. Before work begins, an on-site evaluation is performed to take measurements, choose the correct grass type, and diagnose any landscape issues that might cause short and long-term problems. If any corrections need to be made, we will recommend solutions before any grass is planted in the yard.

Enviromental Benefits

Sod provides many enviromental benefits, it helps cool the temperatures around your home, especially in hot summer months and even helps in cleaning the air by releasing oxygen into it. Sod helps reduce extensive heat temperatures by natural transpirational cooling. Grass absorbs pollutants like ozone and carbon dioxite from the air and also traps dirt and dust.

  • Cools and cleans the air
  • Releases oxygen into air
  • Absorbs global warming gases
  • Traps dirt and dust


Pull up a lawn chair and watch your grass grow healthy, strong, thick and vibrant with our professional fertilizing applications at Green Side Up. Taking your budget, environmental aspects, and specific grass type into consideration, we can develop a fertilization program customized to your needs.

We utilize industry leading products, and time fertilization applications in the most effective manner possible for your lawn.

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