Hydroseeding can make your yard amazing.

Unlike conventional broadcast seeding methods, modern hydroseeding (or hydromulching) combines both the seed and the mulch that will protect that seed during its critical germination and early growth periods. As mentioned above, it can also include fertilizer to augment the growth of that grass. This combination of ingredients is called a “slurry”, and it’s the specific ingredients and amounts included in the slurry that will dictate the success of a particular seeding project. This is, of course, the primary strength of hydroseeding, in that any number of combinations of seed, fertilizer, mulch, dye and other ingredients can be utilized to yield the best results for a particular project, terrain, climate, budget, etc. It is this versatility, combined with its overall effectiveness and, perhaps more importantly, it’s cost-effectiveness, that has created the high demand that hydroseeding enjoys today.

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